Our Services

We provide the following services for owners corporations and their executive committees.

Accounting services, including -

  • collection of levies, including facilitating debt collection, and payment of accounts.
  • preparation of the annual budget for consideration by the corporation's members.
  • opening and administering bank accounts.
  • preparation of the sinking fund plan.
  • lodgement of income taxation returns.

Insurance services, including -

  • preparing and lodging insurance claims.
  • obtaining insurance quotes and valuations for insurance purposes.
  • renewing insurances.

Secretarial services, including -

  • maintaining the corporate register and minute book.
  • administering the corporation's common seal and keeping it in safe custody.
  • attending to routine communication via email, letter, facsimile and verbally.
  • attending, preparing and distributing notices and minutes of general meetings of the corporation and the executive committee, including meetings outside regular business hours.

Governance services, including -

  • answering queries about the corporation's rules, drafting amendments to the rules, and reviewing the rules.
  • assisting the executive committee draft and issue notices against owners and tenants for infringing the rules.
  • issuing notices under relevant legislation as part of the title search process by prospective purchasers of a property in a strata complex.

Over sighting services for repairs and maintenance, including -

  • arranging for appropriately qualified contractors to undertake repairs to and maintenance of the common property or property which the corporation is authorised by its members to fund maintenance and repairs on.

Legal services including -

  • briefing legal practitioners in tribunal or court proceedings as applicable, at rates to be agreed at the time.
  • enforcement action to recovery outstanding levies.
  • action to enforce compliance with the corporation's rules.