I am providing this testimonial to support the business of Maria and Mark Mansfield of Capital Strata Management Services.

Our Owners Corporation was at its wits end. We had previously employed two of the existing well known strata managers in the ACT and talked to several others about services available. We were ready to give up. As a Class B complex, we wanted to do some roofing work as a group and one strata manager wanted to charge us increased management fees for doing so and placed other hurdles in our way.

So we changed manager and the new manager €let€ us organise to have it done. (After having promised that they would organise it; they obtained quotes that were 2-3 times the price of the person we had asked them to approach and whom they could not locate despite us giving them the contact details). They also made promises about doing things such as talking to the gardener about improvements or organising a complex wide pest management exercise, but after several AGMs and repeated promises, nothing happened. And of course returning phone calls seemed difficult and when we did manage to talk to our manager, what we asked seemed to be too difficult to achieve.

Last year, we€d had enough and were ready to take over the management of our complex ourselves. That€s when Maria and Mark came on the scene. They listened to our situation, explained how they worked and asked us to give them a try for one year; we agreed. They took over the management of the complex, fixed outstanding financial issues, help us to restructure our Articles of Association to enable us to give legal effect to our house rules, organised motions and processes to empower the committee and simply got things done.

Maria and Mark have been a breath of fresh air in the strata management area. In the ACT the situation was stale and moribund with the system being run for the convenience of the managers and not the owners. Capital Strata Management Services work for us. They answer our calls, respond to our request, and go way beyond what could be expected. They are a force to be reckoned with and are going to shake up the strata management industry in this town by applying old fashioned principles of service, honesty and integrity.

I have no hesitation in recommending Capital Strata Management Services to anyone.

Owners Corporation Chair, ACT