Capital Strata Management Services is the first choice for exceptional residential, commercial and industrial strata, units plan, body corporate and community title management services in the Canberra region.

Why choose Capital Strata Management Services?

Capital Strata is passionate about providing owners corporations and their members in the Canberra region with an exceptional and professional strata management service which is industry leading and competitively priced.

We empower our clients by ensuring they have all the information they need to make decisions about their complex and to understand its administration. Do you know how the important issues affecting your strata, body corporate or community title complex is handled? Our clients do.

We find solutions to achieve results for our clients rather than telling clients what they cannot do. We promptly respond to inquiries and provide accurate and competent advice to our clients in complying with legislated Codes of Conduct for strata, body corporate and community title managers.

We are also licensed in the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales to provide strata, body corporate and community title management services to the Canberra region.

Strata Management


  • collection of levies, including facilitating debt collection, and payment of accounts.
  • preparation of the annual budget for consideration by the corporation's members.
  • opening and administering bank accounts.
  • preparation of the sinking fund plan.
  • lodgement of income taxation returns.
Strata Management Services


  • preparing and lodging insurance claims.
  • obtaining insurance quotes and valuations for insurance purposes.
  • renewing insurances.
Strata Management Services


  • maintaining the corporate register and minute book.
  • administering the corporation's
    common seal and keeping it in safe custody.
  • attending to routine communication via email, letter, facsimile and verbally.
  • attending, preparing and distributing notices and minutes of general meetings of the corporation and the executive committee, including meetings outside regular business hours.
Strata Management Services


  • answering queries about the corporation's rules, drafting amendments to the rules,
  • and reviewing the rules. assisting the executive committee draft and issue notices against owners and tenants for infringing the role
  • issuing notices under relevant legislation as part of the title search process by prospective purchasers of a property in a strata complex.
Strata Management Services


  • arranging for appropriately qualified contractors to undertake repairs to and maintenance of the common property or property which the corporation is authorised by its members to fund maintenance and repairs on.
Strata Management


  • briefing legal practitioners in tribunal or court proceedings as applicable, at rates to be agreed at the time.
  • enforcement action to recovery outstanding levies.
  • action to enforce compliance with the corporation's rules.
Strata Management Services

Capital Strata has been providing owners and corporations with professional, consultant-driven and cost effective strata management services for over 14 years. Our experienced team delivers a range of essential services to assist you in managing your property or home owner association development. One of the reasons why Capital Strata is one of the most trusted names in Canberra  strata management is our commitment to security and peace of mind for Resident & Owners Corporation Managers, Residents and Owners. Priority One for Capital Strata is ensuring that service levels are maintained during operational issues such as natural disasters, epidemics and adverse weather conditions. Our priority servicing ensures that we will be there when you need  us.

Constant training of staff ensures that we have a dynamic and suite of skills at our disposal to ensure our service levels are maintained. We ensure that we have the right people in place for your strata management needs.

Strata Management Services in Canberra include: 

• Strata Title Owners Corporation Consultation & Administration
• Unit Title Body Corporate Consultation & Administration
• Building Maintenance Plans
• Financial Reports & Year-End Accounts Preparation
• Pre-Sale Reports, Promotional Packs & Open Days
• Vacancy Management Strategies & Tenant Retention Programs  
• Eligibility Certificates for External Financing/Refinancing Requirements    
• Financial Planning Advice, Investment Property Acquisition Structuring

Strata Management Services

Switching managers is easy.

You are probably having problems working out how to terminate the services of your current strata, body corporate or community title manager, let alone selecting a new one.

We will provide you with obligation free advice on how to terminate the services of your current strata, body corporate or community title manager.

If you select us as your new manager, we take care of the entire transition process from your previous strata, body corporate or community title manager. There are no fees until you appoint us.

What if my current manager says we have not given sufficient notice to change managers?

Some managers in the ACT have a management agreement with owners corporations that automatically renews for a 12 month period on the anniversary of when the agreement commenced, unless the manager receives written notice at least 3 months before the renewal date, that the owners corporation wants to end the agreement.

Do not let your manager browbeat you with such an agreement. Section 51(1) of the Unit Titles (Management) Act 2011 states a manager cannot be appointed for longer than three years. The three years includes all terms of extension and renewal.
If you want to change managers and your current agreement has operated for more than three years, talk to us.

Strata Management Services