There are two groups of Strata Management businesses. Those that are knowledgeable of the law, ethical in the delivery of their services, and committed to acting in the interests of all Owners. And then there are those that are not. Capital Strata sits squarely in the first group.

During their time servicing the interests of our Owners Corporation, Mark and Maria demonstrated an unwavering commitment to addressing serious issues with our complex – often in the face of open hostility from a noisy minority of owners. Their actions created the foundations for the rectification of these issues after more than 15 years of inaction.

In short, anyone can deliver a good service when things are going smoothly. But when the chips are down, you need an ethical services provider. One that is knowledgeable of the law and has the courage to act in the best interests of all owners. That is certainly my experience of Capital Strata and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them and use them as a Strata Manager of another property in the future.

Mark, Body Corporate Treasurer.

Strata Management Services

Due to the poor service, communication, and expertise provided by previous strata companies, a body corporate committee I was part of participated in an exhaustive selection process to source a new strata management company that could provide us with accurate, timely advice and direction, as well as being responsive to our requests.

The only company that ticked all these boxes was Capital Strata. The transition was seamless as they handled all the required processes for disengaging with our previous managers, including handing over all the paperwork, financials, files etc.

After more than 5 years with Capital Strata they have more than fulfilled the promises they made when we initially engaged them. From the mundane processes to the legally challenging (e.g. resolution of building defects, legal disputes etc.), they have provided sound advice ensuring that we as a committee have provided the absolute best outcomes for all owners. They have an extensive list of experts in all required fields (e.g. legal, tradespersons, engineers etc.) that they trust and can call on at short notice, ensuring that any outsourced contractor is of the highest quality. I have been so impressed that I proposed they take over my other property’s strata management service, and this committee is also very impressed with their service so far.

I cannot recommend Mark and Maria highly enough and am very grateful that we have them as our Strata Managers. This kind of service and expertise is almost impossible to find elsewhere.

Matt, Body Corporate Chair

Strata Management

Mark and Maria commenced as managers of our medium-sized, townhouse complex around 6 years ago.  They are not realtors or rental property managers; rather they focus their legal and technical experience and expertise to support and benefit strata communities. They are always pleasant and helpful, and strive to achieve the best outcome for all stakeholders which often requires balancing the competing interests of the community as whole, with the personal interests of individual owners.

Issues and repairs are promptly managed using their network of highly-qualified and experienced professionals and tradespersons.  Due to their expert advice and careful management, our levies have decreased by around 20% and our sinking fund is on target to meet our needs for the next 10+ years.  What more could you ask? I highly recommend Capital Strata Management Services

Peta, Executive Committee Secretary

Strata Management