ACT Strata Management Services

ACT Strata Management Services

2020 was an extremely difficult and dark year for many of us in Australia and globally. Not only did we have to stay locked down, social distancing and sanitizing whenever we managed to go out, but to add to the stresses and strain of the COVID-19 new-normal, all manner of problems seemed to be popping out of the woodwork.

Globally, gender violence was suddenly on the rise, joblessness was on the rise, finances were running low and people falling behind on their financial obligations. It looked like problems were on the rise and no one would be spared- not even our small body corporate Board of Trustees!

As suddenly as COVID-19 had reared its ugly head, from the beginning of the second quarter of 2020, our body corporate Board of Trustees was suddenly plagued by seemingly unsolvable managerial problems. Much as we tried, we just couldn't work out how to terminate the services of our current strata.

Added to this, despite our joint efforts to terminate the services of our 2016-appointed, arrogant and corrupt community title manager, so that we could select a new one. Arrogant, slippery and rude pre-COVID-19, post-COVID-19 he had become worse. We were fighting a losing battle- the war seemed lost.

As you can understand, the problems of our Can Be RRA board of Trustees made sleeping near impossible.

That is until tired of our mourning and groaning, the wife suggested, "Why don't the whole lot of ya best act and engage the strata management services of ACT Strata Management Services!" To which we responded, "What is ACT Strata Management Services?" We had never heard of ACT Strata Management Services.

"Oh, just ask Google by typing What is ACT Strata Management Services OR Best ACT Strata Management Services,  for goodness' sake!"

So ask Google, we did.

What is ACT Strata Management Services?

As we read, the response almost took our socks off!


ACT Strata Management Services is the best and first choice management services firm for excellent, industry-leading and competitively priced residential, commercial and industrial strata, unit plans, body corporate and community title management services in the Canberra area.

ACT Strata Management Services empower their clients by ensuring they have all the information they need to make informed decisions about complex matters affecting them and how best they can be administered.

"Do you know how the important issues affecting your strata, corporate body or community title complex are handled? Our clients do."

We exchanged looks-it was almost as if ACT Strata Management Services knew our situation and was reading our very thoughts.

As we read further and learnt some more about ACT Strata Management Services, we could hardly believe our good fortune. Finally, our luck was about to change.

At ACT Strata Management Services, we find solutions to achieve results for our clients rather than telling them what they cannot do. We promptly respond to enquiries and provide accurate and competent advice to our clients following legislated Codes of Conduct for strata, body corporate and community title managers.  

EUREKA!! We shouted. Something good was about to happen to us in 2020 after all!

Excitedly and more hopeful than we had been in months, we next Google searched "Best ACT Strata Management Services".

Best ACT Strata Management Services

ACT Strata Management Services is licensed in the Australian Capital Territory and New South Wales to provide strata, body corporate and community services to the Canberra region. Its knowledgeable team expertly provides diverse essential services to support you manage your property or homeowner association development. The Best ACT Strata Management Services in Canberra comprise, but are not limited to:

• Strata Title Owners Corporation Consultation & Administration
• Unit Title Body Corporate Consultation & Administration
• Building Maintenance Plans
• Financial Reports & Year-End Accounts Preparation

One of the reasons why ACT Strata Management Services is one of the most trustworthy names in Canberra strata management is our dedication to security and peace of mind for Resident & Owners Corporation Managers, residents and owners.

If you select ACT Strata Management Services as your new manager, they will handle the entire process from your previous strata, body corporate or community title manager.

ACT Strata Management Services will provide you with commitment-free advice on how to end the services of your current strata, body corporate or community title manager.

There are no fees until you appoint them. Their main priority is to ensure the best ACT Strata Management Services are available to you when you need them.

After reading all this, our Board of Trustees jumped five feet into the air. ACT Strata Management Services would act for us!

Do you want to know more about ACT Management Services for yourself?

Simply Google search "What is ACT Strata Management Services OR Best ACT Strata" right away!