Guide to Changing Strata Managers

Owning a block of units or apartments requires efficient management to ensure that they are taken care of the way that you need them to be. Things like making sure that residents have the most basic needs and services catered to them regularly. These are some of the things that other body corporate managers don't focus their attention on. If you have a strata manager who has failed to meet the standards and expectations of your business model, you should consider changing them. If you don't know what the best way to reach this conclusion is, you're not alone. Or if you've been wondering whether a strata manager is right for you. Keep reading to find out more.

When Should You Change Strata Managers

There comes a time when you are not pleased with your current strata manager. This is the time when you should consider changing your manager. However, this isn't a decision that you can take alone, unless, if you have a majority of votes. But if you are short of a majority of votes, you can always consider running a proposal past your existing body corporate committee. Before you can make this proposal, you should have the following reasons that support your removal of your current strata manager.

  • When they don't account for their expenditures.
  • Not performing tasks adequately.
  • Errors with communication.
  • Failure to understand best practices from the body corporate management.
  • Lack of innovative ideas that can improve services while reducing your costs.

How to Change your Strata Managers

1. Have a Proposal

It's important for you to create a document that you can use to help you elaborate on why your strata manager should change. This should help you to open a meaningful conversation with the rest of the board at your next meeting. Moreover, it should provide enough information for you to raise any other points that you have.

2. Reassess the Existing Contractual Agreement

One of the things that you should consider doing is to assess the existing contractual agreement to see what you can change or not. In some cases, you'll find that the rules that are prescribed in the agreement allow the managers to make additions. For instance, you might need to file any termination without a notice period. When the meeting happens, it's important to ensure that the agreement covers everything that you want to address.

3. Do Research

If you've decided to have a resolution to change the current strata manager, you should make sure that you do your due diligence on who the next one should be. The easiest way to ensure that you have enough research is through creating a subcommittee to ensure that you find a strata manager right for your goals and business development.

4. Provide Evidence

Once your appointed subcommittee can provide evidence of the observations conducted, you can use this stage to follow up. In addition, you can use this time as an opportunity to request more information to help strengthen your proposal. This allows you or your strata manager to challenge any views that are against the proposal for the requested change.

5. Hold a General Meeting

The great thing about being part of the body corporate committee is that you have a say in a number of things. For instance, you can call a general meeting to propose and hopefully confirm that a new strata manager will be appointed. This meeting should still be held according to the provided legislative standards. As a result, this should help you ensure that whatever resolution that is made does become binding and valid. The best way to ensure this is by making sure that the voting requirements are complied with. An example of promoting this is by making sure that the handling of information that can be resourceful in the future is done properly.

In conclusion, it's important for you to ensure that you understand what the main role of your strata manager is. This should ensure that you find the right person who can meet the standards of your residents when it comes to service delivery. If your manager isn't performing tasks effectively, it's important for you to consider how a change in your management team can improve your living environment. If you don't know how to change strata managers, having a helpful guide should help you.