How to Become an Owners Corporation Manager

How to Become an Owners Corporation Manager

Becoming a Manager of an Owners Corporation entails taking on a purposeful and diligent role. To be successful, you must have several abilities. As an owner's corporation manager, you are selected by the owner's corporation to handle and administer the common property. Maintenance and repairs, such as looking for and scheduling any home repairs with excellent, dependable companies, as well as collecting fees, are examples of these responsibilities.

What do you look for in an owner corporation manager contract?

You must be appointed in writing or by using the approved Contract of Appointment to properly become an Owners Corporation Manager. Your contract should contain no terms that are unfair to you and lead to a significant imbalance of rights and responsibilities. Any potential contract must also avoid provisions that allow you to terminate, renew or not renew a contract, alter the conditions of the contract, avoid or limit performance under the agreement. It is important to follow all applicable laws.

What are the responsibilities of an owner's corporation manager?

As a paid owners corporation manager, you must register with the Business Licensing Authority (BLA), file an annual statement with the BLA, advise the BLA of any changes to your details required to be kept by the BLA, and do so within 14 days as a paid Owners Corporation Manager. Furthermore, it is essential to be entrusted by an instrument or a contract of appointment in the proper form, to report to the owner's corporation at each annual general meeting, to have current professional indemnity insurance for at least $2 million, and to keep all money on behalf of an owners corporation on the trust account.

As an owner corporation manager, you are hired by the owner's corporation to manage and administer the common property. Maintenance and home repairs, as well as collecting fees, maintaining insurance, and keeping financial records are all responsibilities of this position.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) states that if you discuss insurance, process claims, seek quotations, or do anything else with insurance other than writing the owner's corporation check for an insurance premium as a manager under the Commonwealth Corporations Act 2001, you are considered to provide financial services to owner corporations.

To represent owners corporations in insurance-related issues, you must be an Australian Financial Services (AFS) licensee or an authorized representative of a licensee and have a current contract with the licensee in force, notify the licensee of any cross-endorsement when representing two or more licensees with consent, and complete required training programs.

Managers are required to provide ownership corporations with a financial services guide, as well as make certain disclosures and report to ASIC. For failing to have a license or authorization, there are severe fines available.

If you want to run an owner's corporation as a business, you must obtain this registration. A homeowners association is a non-profit organization established under a subdivision or stratum development to manage shared facilities and provide services to the lots in the development.

What are some of the eligibility requirements for becoming an owner corporation manager?

A manager may be a person whose individual has been designated as such by their employer based on past performance, who is at least 18 years old, has a minimum professional indemnity insurance coverage of $2 million, is not bankrupt under administration (bankrupt), and who meets the other requirements.

A company must have $1.5 million in professional indemnity insurance coverage, no director is bankrupt under administration (i.e., insolvent), no director is a represented person within the meaning of guardianship legislation, and the firm is not run by an outsider.

In an approved form, complete applications must be submitted in writing along with the fee, a copy of your birth certificate or passport or driver's license, and proof of professional liability insurance. For further information on entry requirements, please contact the relevant authority.

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