How to Choose a Strata Manager

How to Choose a Strata Manager

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing a strata manager, and in this article, we've detailed and outlined all of the things to consider and look for when making the important decision about choosing a strata manager.

What is a Strata Manager?

Stratum managers, sometimes known as "body corporate management," is a specialized field of property management that specializes in the day-to-day operation and administration of a property that is jointly owned and comprises numerous units, common areas, and shared facilities. The term "condominium" is derived from an Australian legal concept known as strata title, which is used to administer common ownership in apartment buildings on many levels, or strata. The Australian system has been adopted in the emerging economies of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, the Philippines, and India. It is one of the most rapidly developing housing types in the United States today, comparable to common-interest development (CID), which includes single-family home planned unit developments called homeowner associations (HOAs).

How to Choose a Good Strata Manager

  • They should be licensed or qualified to work as a strata manager. Make sure they have the necessary papers. All strata managers must meet certain requirements under the new strata legislation by the end of 2019. Use a licensed real estate broker to protect yourself against any potential risks until then.
  • Online reviews, like those on Google My Business, are an accurate approach to evaluating the reputation of a previously worker for a real estate agent or agency. What did they get rated against other strata managers? Look up other strata complexes that they've managed in the past and see what people have to say about them. Word of mouth is a wonderful way to choose a strata manager.
  • When it comes to selecting strata management, their experience should be considered. Learn how many years they've been in the business and specifically managing strata complexes. Managing a strata complex is difficult, and rarely are two problems identical. As a result, choosing a strata manager with a proven track record and confidence is critical.
  • A property manager, for example, should be the first point of contact between owners and residents in a strata complex. People management and communication are at the heart of it. Your strata manager should have excellent communication skills, act transparently, and be aware when it comes to effectively communicating with all stakeholders in a structure. Because strata managers communicate frequently with the property owners, effective communication is a key quality to look for in any strata manager.
  • Disputes, as well as resolving issues when they arise, are a part of strata management. Being able to negotiate is an important skill that all strata managers must have. When conflicts emerge, your strata manager will put the community's best interests first. They have established procedures and a sound understanding of the situation to be able to hear everyone's point of view and come up with the most judicious decision to maintain a harmonious situation.
  • Which brings us to our next point; the need to have a good understanding of legislation. States that have the best strata management organizations provide regular training to stay up with the most recent legislation and management techniques. This training, which is timely and qualified, is provided by REIWA members as a REIWA member. Your strata manager must be able to lead and navigate your complex while staying within the guidelines outlined in this training system.
  • A strata manager is accountable for the management of a strata complex. When issues have been brought to their attention, an accountable strata manager will respond and work to resolve them as soon as feasible. They are trusted and capable of handling routine operations such as repairs and maintenance, insurance, and ensuring that the complex or building meets legal standards.

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